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Posted   |   Written by Patrick Tylee

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In May of 2013, I completed the first draft of my indie published debut novel Wisdom. Next step: EDITING?

Surely, there couldn’t be anything wrong with my masterpiece, could there? Right, Shirley?

Taking the advice of the professionals at The Editorial Department in my hometown of Tucson, Arizona, I pushed the manuscript away for a month. It’s important to ‘forget’ what you wrote as an author. You remove yourself from the creative aspect, so you can begin to see the words and scenes with a critical eye.

But what else do I work on for thirty thumb-twiddling days?

I decided to write and illustrate my first children’s novel, the sci-fi adventure, Mrs. Tricker is Not Herself.


In this mid-grade story,

A fourth grade boy suspects his teacher has changed since her vacation to Space Camp.

He gathers proof, but no one will listen, not even his parents.

Now Mrs. Tricker threatens to take him to the Space Camp in the forest.

But he can change too, and sometimes that’s what saves you.



The one-hundred twenty page paperback includes several Bonus Pages which make the product interactive. There’s the Mrs. Tricker Word Search, Mystery Questions page, and a crossword puzzle. After those is a short story: Waiting For the Draedle.

This is my first time using CreateSpace for the publishing. I have to say, the process is straightforward, and the finished book is very high quality. After several versions with printed proofs delivered to my mailbox, I settled on the final approved draft. A few clicks and a credit-card payment, and the first order of 100 copies is on the way.

Mrs. Tricker should be available on Amazon within a week. I’ll post on FB and Twitter when there’s a link.



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