A daring test pilot, Captain Reuben Shain must leave behind his comatose fiancee to attempt to fly faster-than-light in the spacecraft she designed. At the threshold of velocity, he crashes into the hidden realm of Perpetua, where he discovers her very soul held for ransom in brutal darkness. Blackmailed by powerful forces, he is sent back to a pivotal moment in Earth’s past causing the death of an innocent stranger. Shain fears that to sacrifice either life could unleash hell’s fury upon the world.

But Reuben Shain has been prepared for hell.

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A Foster Kid on Mars

When Mars attacks Earth, young Jacob and his two friends barely escape disaster. He finds himself trapped in a gloomy cave deep inside the red planet, with three friendly monsters watching over him.

The leaders of Mars had seen the future, that Earth would soon discover them and invade one day. To stop that from happening, all human adults are frozen in the Absorption. But the Dreamish rescues many children, including Jacob. It sends him back in time to Earth’s past. His mission is to persuade everyone to choose peace, and not war. Then Mars would never attack in the present time.

How far back must Jacob go? Who must he become? Will anyone listen to a foster kid on Mars?

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The girl from space breaks nearly every rule to escape her lonely life in the Joining. She rescues a human boy, and will stop at nothing to become his perfect mate.

To protect Wynn from harm, she destroys the bees, the bully, and the spy. She’s banished from Wynn’s presence, and when her kind come to return her to the Joining, she faces the truth of all she’s done to his planet and its people.

But she can create an entire world within herself.

Just one rule left to break.

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Mrs. Tricker is Not Herself

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A fourth grade boy suspects his teacher has changed since her vacation to Space Camp.

He gathers proof, but no one will listen, not even his parents.

Now Mrs. Tricker threatens to take him to the Space Camp in the forest.

But he can change too, and sometimes that’s what saves you.

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In this sequel to WISDOM, our dysfunctional synthetic family battles against enemies on every side.

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Trapped in the body of a nine-year-old girl for four hundred years, Elmyrah desires to become a woman, but retain her immortality. Jove finds himself on the run, wanted for murder. The corrupted artificial conscience, Wisdom, is relentless in her quest to control every mind.

The god-like son of Elmyrah is evil at birth. He aims to rule every clone, and destroy what remains of Earth.

But Jove was created to be the sacrificial savior, and he has twelve more lives to give.

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Through her brother’s telescope, the orphan Arab girl, Elmyrah, is the first to see the alien starship bound for Earth. She’s befriended by the person on the vessel, but Jove hides a terrible secret. His promise of peace to the Earth is a trick.

A terrible accident on board his ship causes Elmyrah’s death. Consumed with guilt, Jove uses his alien cloning technology to restore her life.

Now her mind has a copy of his thoughts.

And she knows the truth.

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