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Sitting at my computer, the first few pages drafted, I clicked SaveAs = UNIMAGINARY.

I had reviewed a demographics report from Google+ the week before.

The data showed that the Young Adult Female audience was hungry for fresh sci-fi. Shortly after this lightbulb moment, I considered why I should write this book. Not the what of it…but the why. Of course it will have a plot, and a story to be told. But there should be true meaning to me…an answer to an important question.

So, what is the question?

“Is there life out there?”

We certainly like to imagine that there is life, extra-terrestrial life. What if we discovered it? Could we connect with it? Should we attempt to communicate with them? Maybe they want to be left alone. Maybe they eat soft-bodied bipeds for lunch. Perhaps our finding the others out there wouldn’t be such a great idea.

Then it occurred to me, that there are others out there in space, and they are wondering the exact same things. They fly past the little blue water planet and listen to all the static and noise and business going on.

“Should we go down to the blue planet and connect with them? Maybe they eat hard-shelled quadruped reptiles like us for dinner.”

Here’s the recipe.

I made the decision to write this novel from the perspective (for one character anyway) that the aliens in the far reaches of space do wonder about us, or perhaps already know about us and our carnivorous and warlike tendencies. They are smart enough to leave us alone. But, like many here on Earth who daydream of first contact, there would be one of those beings in a faraway place who might dare to come close. She would carry the curiosity, and bare the weight of courage to prove the existence of intelligent life under the warm glow of Sol. She would come down with outstretched arms and an open heart.

But it would be a dangerous thing, meeting humans.

Especially if your kind don’t know about love, passion, jealousy, hatred, and vengeance.

Things might get out of hand.

Or…claw…or whatever it is at the end of your arm.

Would it be worth the risk? When all is said and done, should you have ever gone down to the new world to meet them? I guess there’s only one way to find out. Take the chance. Say hello. Trust that…even if everything isn’t perfect…you can still put things back together.

Don’t leave this moment to your imagination.

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