Wisdom Awarded Bronze Medal IPPY for Excellence in Independent Publishing

Posted   |   Written by Patrick Tylee

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I wish that I was better at remembering important dates.
Birthdays of family; their anniversaries; when I started this or that employment over the years…
I’ve just never been good at it.
So, I record those dates in my ‘smartphone’. Now I don’t have to try to commit them to memory.
Then I lose my phone.
There’s one date that has, so far, stuck with me.
January 7th, 2013.
Not like it’s from when cars were carbureted or anything, but the data has been moved from short-term to long-term storage in my fatty, gray thing.
You see, during the year before 01/07/2013 some wild, imaginary characters travelled through time to tell me their story. Their lives were…hurting, and joyous, riddled with guilt, and…complicated. There was no way that I could listen to their stories anymore and remember all of it.
I had to start writing the stuff down.
Otherwise, you know, I’d forget some of the details.
And I felt that it would be a disservice to these people were I to ignore their plight. They had gone through so much.
This was the day I began to write Wisdom. Originally, it had a different title, but during my journey to interview extraterrestrials, I met one that had come from the back of the room, so to speak. She was the wall-flower. While learning more about her, it became clear to me…
If she thought it necessary…she would murder you.
You, your family, your species.
Perhaps to mollify any dire urge she might bare toward my kind, I decided to give her top billing. I also made a commitment to myself and to the readers of this story: I would spare no expense and stop at nothing less than professional quality for all aspects of what would become my debut science fiction novel.
Wise investments pay off.

ippy champagne

I am honestly humbled and so very pleased to announce that Wisdom has been awarded the Bronze Medal for Excellence in Independent Publishing, Science Fiction Category from a foremost publishing services firm, the Jenkins Group, and their monthly digital publication, Independent Publisher dot com.

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It would’ve been unthinkable to gain this level of recognition without the generous and skilled efforts of so many other people who contributed to the success of Wisdom.
Deb Bates, fellow author and dear friend who never failed to encourage me.
Erin M. Hall, my content editor and fellow sci-fi enthusiast.
Anne-Marie Markowitz, my content/copy editor. Her professionalism is worth more than I can afford.
My pre-read group: Philip, Janet, Pat (GeekyPat), Louise & Julie.
Ignacio Mascaro of Crimson River Productions, London.
Arvin Budhu of Arcangel Images, London.
(and little Ella, who adorns the cover as well as the trailer)
Hillcrest Media and Mill City Press, the team that put it all together.
and mostly, my dear wife Chris who got me hooked on that terrible, terrible TV show Castle. Yuck.
Thank so much everyone!

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