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You get a Free Copy of UNIMAGINARY

when you Nominate my latest SF&F for Young Adult, and it’s published by Kindle Press!

The Cover of UNIMAGINARY by Patrick Tylee at You Get a Free Copy When You Nominate and Kindle Press Publishes!

You Get a Free Copy When You Nominate and Kindle Press Publishes!


Getting an author’s book to market can go several different ways in today’s market.

One of the newly popular methods is through what’s known as Reader Powered Publishing.

Amazon’s Kindle Press opens up their Kindle Scout Program for authors to submit their title, manuscript, bio, and a few facts about the book. Only unpublished titles are allowed.

I submitted UNIMAGINARY just last week, and in only three hours, Kindle Press wrote back to say that they were accepting the title into the program, and that the campaign would run from today May 6th, through June 5th.

Needless to say, my Saturday morning is exciting, and a bit hectic, as I manage the launch of the campaign on several social media platforms. One of main goals is to drive traffic to the campaign page, for readers to check out the book cover, the description, and to read the first two chapters of the book. Of course, then they need to click Nominate Me on the big blue button! After that, Kindle Press asks the reader to rate the various elements of the campaign profile page (title, one-liner, back cover text, editing, etc.) by giving them up to Five Stars.

Which, of course, I know you will want to do!

UNIMAGINARY by Patrick Tylee Cover. You Get a Free Copy When You Nominate!

Cover Reveal of UNIMAGINARY


As she walked out into the gritty wasteland, Ahnim’s manifestation dissolved into the wind.

She awoke as her ship-self in orbit above the blue planet. Immediately, she detected the presence of others in space, surrounding her.

Four Immini, all Defenders, floated in formation behind her.

“Have you come to take me back?” she asked.






I hope you’ll choose to participate in Reader Powered Publishing and Nominate UNIMAGINARY today!

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